Springsteen DVD problems

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Springsteen DVD problems

Beitragvon JoeClark am Di Dez 12, 2017 10:51 am


I haven't watched all of the Barcelona dvd yet, but Disc 2 has a navigation problem that's driving a lot of people crazy. specifically, my navigation controls don't work on the Disc 2 menu screen, meaning the only way to get to the bonus features or to a specific song is to hit Play and then punch the Skip button a bunch of times. a lot of people are complaining about this in other Springsteen forums as well.

as much as a perfectionist as Bruce is about his music and performances, his organization is riddled with amateurs, it seems. this is only the latest example. (see typos, misdentifications, wrong lyrics and song titles in Essentials for others).


more details:

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