How to Choose the Best Vines for Your Yard

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How to Choose the Best Vines for Your Yard

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MICHAEL DORF’S backyard vineyard started a decade ago with 10 grapevines, enough to make four cases of wine if everything went well.

But everything has not gone well, said Mr. Dorf, 49, the chief executive of City Winery, a microwinery and music club in SoHo. (He was also the founder of the Knitting Factory.)

The site looked promising: a south-facing slope behind his weekend house in the Hudson Valley. “Just like Switzerland,” he said.

But of the original vines, only “five took root and survived the various winters,” Mr. Dorf said. “And in the last four years, two of them have died.”

Yet when Mr. Dorf bikes a few miles down the road, he passes the Whitecliff Vineyard. There, 20 varieties of grape seem to be growing in abundance.


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