Favourite Concert Opener?

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Favourite Concert Opener?

Beitragvon JoeClark am Fr Dez 22, 2017 12:24 pm


We all know nothing beats those few moments before he takes to the stage,knowing that we're in for 3+ hours of absolute heaven,and then they all come out one by one or sometimes some of them two by two,and we're ready to rock.So I was wondering what is your favourite concert opener that you have either experienced in concert or viewed online,on a dvd,or even listened to?

For me my favourite has to be Roll of the Dice Uncasville 2014 which I saw on Youtube.It was the last gig of the HH tour (from my recollection) and his voice and face seemed a bit shot and tired, but I just love it so much:the energy,the crowd,the horns,the band,the sound...everything!Maybe because it has been my favourite Bruce song for the past 6 months has helped sway the decision.Incident solo on piano in Dublin 2016 is a close second which I was fortunate enough to be at.

Please Help.

Thanks !

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