Who gave away more GREAT songs?

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Who gave away more GREAT songs?

Beitragvon JoeClark am Fr Dez 22, 2017 12:22 pm


A big part of the Springsteen legend is that he's given away so many great songs to other artists instead of releasing them himself. It's a true part of the legend, but the same can also be said for Steve. Both of them have also recently revisited some of those old songs they gave away and released their own versions. Springsteen's legend will always be bigger than Steve's, but listening to Soulfire today, I got to wondering what kind of career Steve might have had if he'd not been involved with the Jukes and recorded all those classic songs himself. That led me to wondering which of the two, Bruce or Steve, has actually given away more great songs.

Any thoughts?

Please Help.

Thanks !

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