Perfect versions of Bruce's songs

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Perfect versions of Bruce's songs

Beitragvon JoeClark am Mi Dez 20, 2017 7:57 am


I'm listening to Thunder Road from Barcelona 2003, and it's the most perfect version of the song imo because Bruce's voice is incredible here, the high note he hits at the end is probably the best thing I've ever heard from him.

As well as this I'd say other best versions of certain songs include:

For You (either Main Point / Hammersmith - Bruce hits the note 'when it was my turn to be the God' perfectly in both so it's a matter of audio quality)

Real World (Christic Shows)

and I'm really tempted to say Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out from LINYC, but the band intro may dispute it's place - is there a shorter version from this time period other than at the '99 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

So ha'way Greasy Lake, what are the perfect versions of Bruce's songs? Let's see if we can find the perfect version of EVERY song.

Please Help.

Thanks !

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.

References: ... ces-songs/

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