What Makes Bruce Springsteen a Good / Bad Songwriter?

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What Makes Bruce Springsteen a Good / Bad Songwriter?

Beitragvon JoeClark am Mo Dez 18, 2017 8:18 am


What are your critical thoughts on Springsteen as a songwriter? Where does he rank and why? Please give specific examples and do your best to prove why Bruce Springsteen was a good or bad songwriter. Don't just say "nowhere near Dylan" or "the best". Refer specifically to literary elements, creative milestones, or whatever else you feel makes for a great songwriter.

I'd like to hear especially from the academics. Which of Bruce's methods or approaches to songwriting were most influential? Who did he influence and how? How does his influence compare to others from the 60s / 70s? Do you feel his songwriting is overrated or underrated? Why?

Please Help.

Thanks !

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