Fan review of the jan 11th show

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Fan review of the jan 11th show

Beitragvon JoeClark am Mo Dez 11, 2017 9:45 am


The first two-thirds of Bruce Springsteen’s show on broadway is revelatory, amazing, engrossing, and indeed lives up to Bruce’s definition of his ‘magic trick’ being summoning up ‘proof of life’. The mixing of storytelling and music is especially powerful if you’ve read his autobiography, as most of the stories are excerpted from there, and you have that additional context of the larger narrative.

The show sits at the intersection of experiences of him ranging from his solo acoustic tours, with a band, and reading his book (or even better — hearing his own audiobook reading). If you’ve seen Bruce on his solo tours and listened to his book, then the experience will be familiar. Here the feeling is one of summation — a man who’s lived an charmed and ecstatic life, sharing glimpses of the past, with its rich tapestry of interwoven despair and joy — and ending with the wisdom and hopes for the present. The later music certainly seems more wantonly anthemic, but for me the more experimental first part of the show and the fresh take on the ‘Born to Run’ material is where my spirit was the most lifted.

The full setlist is below, and we’ll go through it bit by bit now.

The show starts with an origin story leading to and entwining itself in ‘Growin' Up’. This is what we’ve been promised and it is great. You can always read the book and hear the song, but having Bruce do it like this would be hard to reproduce in media.

My Hometown on the piano — A long descriptive story about Freehold and the power of place over a gentle ostinato on the piano leads into a beautiful rendition this song.


more details:

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